Saturday, April 23, 2011

What are some Spring activities that I can do with my children?

One of my new favorites is what I call “The Wellness Garden”. Combine fun activities with education. This opens up opportunities to teach your children valuable life-lessons and values while spending time with them.

We live in a society where quick meals, microwave dishes, and drive-thrus are easily everyday occurrences. In addition, most children probably think all food comes from a building! Planting a wellness garden offers your children the chance to see where real food comes from and the value of hard work and dedication. Their efforts and patience will pay off as they watch the food grow and eventually have something to enjoy from their efforts.

For your salad garden, have your children list all the things they would have on a salad such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes (our favorite salad item), spinach, and various herbs. Then shop for seeds together, having your kids pick out the packets. Pick a gorgeous day and get your hands dirty planting the seeds. Talk about the critters you find in the soil and how some are friends to your garden and should be left alone.

Use every aspect of gardening to educate and empower your children showing them the power of the sun, the strength of the soil and how with their help, the vegetables will grow and make a beautiful salad that they were a huge part of creating. What a neat, awesome opportunity to be with your children, building their knowledge base AND contributing to their health!!

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