Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm sick of this...

Don't you ever have days where you're done? Down for the count and ready for a break?
Well, when those days come for me I approach them with the sensitivity of a mother. The same sensitivity that I give to my kids, I give to myself.
I don't fight my emotions or talk myself out of them.
I'm present and observant. I find the "why?" behind it and work on coming up with solutions... ways to tackle tomorrow with renewed gusto.
And if the "why?" doesn't present itself, I don't "fight" for it.
I'm calm. I treat (attempt) myself with the same loving attention that I would give my children.
I realize that the journey is where life is at and that each challenge is offered to me as an opportunity. An opportunity to remind me of what's truly important in my life.
Life's "little punches", may just be life's little opportunities to put you back on your feet and remind you of where you're at...... and what you're doing there.