Friday, April 8, 2011

I must recharge my batteries. AKA- a mommy and daddy weekend.

So here’s the deal. Your kids are only as healthy as you are.
Let me repeat – your kids are only as healthy as you are. And if you wait to take care of YOU (your physical, emotional, social well-being) until you’re broke down, you’ve waited too long.

So how many people have heard that “if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated”?
If you are tired, exhausted, overweight, eating the wrong foods, short w/ your kids, cranky towards your spouse, etc, etc… YOUR batteries need some recharging. But why wait? Why not treat your body, your whole body (body, mind and spirit) lovingly all the time? Why not forecast the storm and head the other way?
Would we (should we?) really see the “eye of the storm” and head right into it?

So here’s what I’m saying. You need to take time for you! You need to take time for yourself, your marriage, AND your family.

This weekend, my sister and her husband are graciously gifting us a “mommy, daddy weekend”. They have all three of my kids for the entire weekend! Do I feel guilty that I’m not with them? Hell no! (sorry about the cuss.. .”heck” just didn’t have the same effect). Do I miss them? --> with every fiber of my being.

But, I realize that batteries must be recharged before they are dead. Storms must be avoided. And my physical, mental and social wellbeing is of paramount importance to my children’s physical, mental, and social wellbeing. They are counting on my husband and I to act as a foundation for them to stand on. I will protect and take care of me, my husband AND my children. And part of that is taking periodic “recharge” sessions.

So here I am, thinking non-stop of my children…. Loving them with every piece of myself and anxiously looking forward to my husband getting home from work. I love this man and I can’t wait to be lazy, have long conversations, and recharge my batteries with him. I’m certain my children will be healthier because of it.

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