Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When do you start chiropractic care?

I often hear people ask, "When should you start chiropractic care?"

I think people worry that once you start, you have to go for the rest of your life. Almost worrying that you could in some way become "addicted" to chiropractic... or even set yourself up to "need an adjustment".

I understand where people are coming from, as I've found myself asking the same question from other healthcare professionals, such as my dentist. "When is the best time to get my kid's teeth checked?" To which my dentist replied, "As soon as possible!" That made sense to me as I know the "war against cavities" can only (truly) be won in a prevention arena. I also realized that one checkup with the dentist didn't guarantee my children a life without cavities. I take them in every 6 months and then daily work on prevention. Prevention of tooth decay!

The bones in your mouth are important! But let's not forget about the bones in your spine. If you want to win the "war against decay" (and preventing problems in the future), let's start getting our children checked as early as possible! I recommend getting them checked right after birth, and when they learn to sit, crawl, stand, walk and run. Mine were checked at only a couple hours old. Why? Because I didn't want to wait until aches, pain, or symptoms of any sort arose from the problem. IF there's something there, I wanted to know about!

All three of my children get checked a minimum of one time a month. We add extra visits around colds and flus (research states that an adjustment boosts the immune system 200-400%!) and around tumbles or falls. I get them adjusted because I know it helps their body function better and gives them an advantage.

So when should you start chiropractic care? I guess as soon as you want to start benefiting from care.

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